Different ways to get to the topmost rank on Google

If you are one of the aspiring entrepreneurs, then you must possess a highly ranked website to endorse your business. SEO is one of the important online marketing strategies that can fetch a higher page rank.It is not an easy task to do it because Google keeps changing its policies.However,there are many easiest SEO tips to implement in your company’s website.

Google recognizes worthy anchor tags
You can make use of the anchor tags in your site for crawling up to the topmost position of search engines.If you have more information to display on the site, you can use the anchor tag to navigate the user to other pages.It even provides a user friendly experience and grabs high.A small tip is that you can use other texts instead of the same old “click here”!

URLs should be neat and not so shabby!
To increase the traffic to your site,make use of SEO friendly URLs and most of all, make it readable. At the end of the day, users pay more attention to the URL of your site.The crawlers would love to see the keywords on your site’s URL.

Always remember to use title and description in URLs
Your SEO would be effective if you use title, description and category in your URL.In that way, the search engines will be able to locate the website in reference to the users’ keywords.

A big fat yes to sub directories!
Sub domains Category.sitename.com seems a lot more professional and smarter than sub directories sitename.com/category.But the sub directories has got the “x factor” and a slightly a better edge over sub domains. Also,the search engines algorithm would pay more attention to the directories.

3 link building strategies that can sabotage your SEO

Link building is very important when it comes to SEO but too much of anything is not good for everything! Keep it simple and minimal and most importantly, get rid of these following deceptive link building strategies that could possible sabotage your SEO.

Paid links and link exchanges, a big NO!
Google’s algorithm is not very dumb to overlook the site with paid links and link exchanges.So never EVER opt this way and sabotage your own business and also, auto generated links, text link ads, and widget link exchanges are added to the NOT-TO-DO list.

Shortcut is the worst enemy of all!
Do not go for shortcuts instead of solid and quality contents, after all, content is the king. However, many critics say the lengthy contents could be a turn off for the users, but it’s not same with every site! Make it interesting, unique, innovative and most importantly, avoid keyword stuffing. Leaving a guest post as “great article” is very outdated as well, it’s time wake up from your 70’s Hollywood dreams!

Do not bid goodbye to link building!
Having no link building strategy in your SEO could let you down and hence, keep it simple and minimal.Make sure you reach out to bloggers who have similar contents and also, social signals could boost up your page rank as well.
Get rid of these tactics to master your SEO and also, learn about the current ongoing trends in the online marketing industry.

5 Mistakes Of SEO

Building more homepage links:
Your business sales start on the home page, so most of the entrepreneurs build their links on the home page.If majority of people are doing the same,then what makes you stand out?
So making the common mistake will result in bad page search result, so spread the link across your site rather than concentrating more on the home page.Building links overall will help you gain more SEO value.

Stoping building links after hitting the first page:
Most of the people stops link building process once if they hit the first page.It is a bad strategy, so try to work more to stay on the first page even after the hit.
Your site needs to be interesting and alive in the eyes of Google, so continue to build links in order to get traffic.

Having the low value of blogging:
Blogging serves as a necessary tool to show Google about our activation.If you have a blog,then you will be adding pages at least once in a month and keeps your site active,otherwise you will change the contents on your site once or twice in a year.This inactive sign is a bad strategy that reduces your page traffic.If you have more pages in index then there are more pages to rank, that will give you little more page traffic.

Neglecting the importance of contents:
Some think that both people and search engine are dumb, but actually they are not.Your site ranking rely on the contents you post,so it should be relevant and informative.

Ignoring Anchor text of brand:
Anchor text is an essential tool for SEO but the type of anchor text you use is a problem.The links on anchor text should include your brand name, name and URL.

10 SEO Tips For Blogs

Include primary keywords in your blog domain:
This is the most important factor for site ranking, so make sure to include the primary keyword in your URL by purchasing a separate domain for your blog or use the keyword on your sub domain of your site like http://www.yoursitename.com/seo/

Permalinks optimization:
Make sure to keep your primary key phrase appear in your blog title of each post and headers.
Most software of blogging will take the keyword in the title of your post and include them in the file name of permalinks it create.This can be made possible in WordPress by choosing post Name option in the settings of permalinks.

Use long tail keywords in your post:
Always remember to use long tail keywords in the body of your post and link your blog title with them.

Mobile optimization:
‘Mobilegeddon’ update of Google help you identify whether your blog is accessible on every mobile device.
Choose a suitable theme that gets adapted to the mobile device in which it is viewed on.

Build a Google sitemap:
Set your blog to keep the side navigation present on all pages.All your blog pages can be spidered simply by creating a Google sitemap that shows all the posts and pages of your blog.

Get backlinks from other website:
Write worthy and sharable contents to get backlinks from other websites.You can get backlinks by submitting RSS feeds and your blog to directories and blog search engines. You can also get backlinks by commenting on the posts of other sites.

Update often:
Posting fresh contents will help you gain site traffis,so keep on updating with more informative contents.

Stick to the same domain:
Never ever try to change your domain or URL, it may result in low site traffic.

Connect with social media:
The major cause of your SEO ranking is the more shares,likes and tweets on social media,so try to build community on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Create a mailing list:
You can get more site traffic by getting mails and sending regular blog updates to your subscribers.More free services like Awber and Feedburner help you follow and capture subscriber’s emails.

Handling competition levels in local SEO

The completion levels are increasing day by day in local markets and many businesses are willing to beat them for reaching high levels.The following tips are really helpful for those who want to stand out from the crowd in local markets to ensure best results.


Paid search  

Paid search is said to be effective one for boosting business to target audience in quick turnaround time.


Social media marketing

Social media marketing provides ways for making brands a familiar one among customers to augment sales. Moreover, it helps to get significant results while executing promotional activities.


Content marketing for building awareness

Content marketing in local SEO makes it possible to building brand awareness in the markets to achieve best results. To achieve best results contact ibable.com


Generating leads 

Lead generation will do many wonders for a local business to experience high growth rates within short span of time.


Email marketing

Email marketing opens the gateways for local businesses to promote products easily. It also gives methods for identifying the potential customers for growing business.


Organic search

Organic search results pave ways for experiencing desired outputs in SEO for reaching next levels in local markets.


Implementing core elements  

It is an imperative one to implement core elements in local SEO such as on- page optimization, reviews, citation consistency and Google my business for increasing the rankings in local search engines.

Managing competition in local markets is really a challenging one. Therefore, it is necessary to aware about the latest tools for diverting more traffic to a website.

One can also consult with professionals for analyzing the present local markets which help to minimize competition levels.

SEO for new business companies 2015 to flourish business in the markets

It is evident that search engine optimization techniques will bring significant results while marketing brands through internet, email and social media networks.

On the other hand, they require fresh strategies these days for ensuring progress levels both in local and international markets.

New business firms should look out for certain important factors when executing SEO practices and some of them are given below.


Targeting right keywords

Business organizations should know their audience in order to target them with right keyword phrases. It is necessary to identify a keyword which exactly matches their brand or service.


Optimizing mobile websites

Mobile marketing plays a crucial role in increasing sales of a business company. Hence, it is essential to optimize mobile websites for targeting more customers quickly.


Creating simple content

Creating high quality content is a best way to communicate with customers in the markets. At the same time, it should be readable by all people to achieve best results in SEO process. It is a wise one to generate content for the users in a simple format.


Developing marketing strategies

Marketing strategies allow business companies to reach their goals within short span of time. It is advisable to follow them for captivating the markets easily.


Social media networks

Business companies should give priority to social media networks for diverting more traffic to their websites. This will help for getting maximum visibility in the search engines.


Link building

Link building is one of the SEO techniques which provide ways for improving the rankings of a website to a larger extent. However, it should be executed properly for experiencing desired results.


Utilizing infographics

Infographics can do many wonders for a business firm which gives ways for catching the attention of customers. Business companies will be able to deliver messages with graphic charts and other representations for witnessing excellent results.

What is facebook seo and how it is different from other search engines


Whenever we say search engines all we think about are the search engines that comes first to our Mind That is Google Yahoo Bing extra but there is a new player in the game and that is Facebook.

We all know that FB has more than a billion uses and it is the biggest social media in the whole world so now Facebook has given the users an opportunity to use it as a search engines to search whatever they want to search about. The only main difference between a normal search engine and a Facebook search engine is that to use of Facebook search engine you have to login in order to search anything in a way it is an advantage for you because once you login into facebook facebook knows more about you for example what kind of person you are what are your interest etc,.. by knowing that whenever you search for a particular stuff more relevant results will come up.

Whenever there is a search engine there is also Search Engine Optimization developers who will be interested in knowing how to make their post or their website to appear in the top 3 position of Facebook search . So it is safe to call them Facebook Search Engine Optimisation.

As Facebook search engine is new there are only a handful of Search Engine Optimization analyst know about what has to be done in order to bring their website to the first three position or the first page of search engines but we are sure that in the future to be exact in the very near future we can expect more Facebook Search Engine Optimization posts will be out there for the whole world to see .

Importance of being in top poisons in local search


We all know that there are three kind of search results in search engines the first set of results that you see whenever you search for a particular search term and you can see that those results will be slightly different colour it is just to inform you that those searches are paid results. In which people will pay to Google or to the respective search engines To Be In the first page that too in the top three positions. Google and other search engines will charge the website based on the competition of that particular keyword.

The Other set of results that show right below the paid results are called the organic results in which the respective search engine will list them based on the quality of the website, the backlinks and also using many other criteria.

In the recent past Google has changed the way it shows the results and they have added something called the local search results or some Search Engine Optimization analyst call it the Map results. These results will appear only if you search for a local business or if you search for using a search term that has a location at the end of it. Only after these lresults the organic results are going to be shown so it is really important for a local business to be in the local search results.

There are many ways to make your website appear in local search results but here I would like to mention one main criteria that Google and other search engines look for in order to list your website in local searches and that is making your website on mobile responsive website.

We have Search Engine Optimization analyst who claims that the website that they are working on and that to the website that provides local service are getting many leads only through the Map results .
So I hope you understand the importance of being in the top of the local search search results.